Friday, May 4, 2012

The MCCC Photo-Synthesis Project

The Montgomery County Community College Photo-Synthesis Project was a semester-long team-teaching project that introduced collaborative assignments in science, photography, and creative writing around a common theme. Zaki Correll was asked to participate as a student Science Advisor, he was enrolled in our Minority Male Mentoring Program which supports students with everyday challenges, provides a supportive environment and offers opportunities for guidance and problem solving. Having a keen interest in science, Zaki wrote and presented an academic paper and led class discussions in our Digital Photography class and Creative Writing class. The Montgomery County Community College Photo-Synthesis Project enabled our students, to collaborate creatively across three disciplines, giving students the benefit of expanding their understanding of and appreciation for the reciprocal relationship between the arts and sciences. The collective achievements of our students engaged in this effort are showcased in this book.

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